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Conte Priuli Prosecco Rosé Extra-Dry

Alcohol:   n/a
pH: 3.2
Residual Sugar:   13
Glera, Pinot Nero

Suitable for brunch or any festive celebration, this new style of Rosé follows the international sensation of Prosecco. Made the same way as Prosecco but with a touch of Pinot Noir to give it a delicate pink.

Inspired by a noble Venetian in the 14th century. The Priuli were the dukes and chief magistrate of Venice during that period and owned land in Campo di Pietra, the village where the grapes were from.

Glera and Pinot Noir harvested from and around this village were made into base wine and then produced via Charmat Method (secondary fermentation) to achieve the bubbles.

A brilliant light pink with fine bubbles and notes of fresh strawberry, citrus, rose petals and a lively finish.

Last week of August to the second week of September.

Trader Joe’s

Creamy risotto, fried chicken, puff pastry, egg dish, shellfish and chocolate.
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